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Seminar Invitation to Compucon CPD (11 June 2014)
  30 May 2014

We would like to invite partners with interest in any of the following topics to come and meet with our team and peers. For a background of our CPD seminars please see and let us know by reply email to register your attendance.


Compucon CPD Seminar
11 June 2014 Wed
Compucon House 234 Bush Road Albany Auckland

4.00    Outside the Square (Black Hole in our Backyard)
4:20    Computing Technology Industry Landscape
5:00    Parallel Computing & Non-Wintel Exploration Report (TN/Dave Fielder)
5:30    Data Modelling & Verification (AUT Masters of Engineering Stefan Wong)
6:00    Wine and Cheese

This Outside-the-Square session is not intended to amuse or amaze only, but is an essential step to give our peers some lateral views for growing our business.  An astronomy professor in USA has acquired strong evidence that a massive black hole exists in our galaxy close to us in astronomy distance.  A black hole sucks all things close to it and yet it is invisible.  Will it suck Earth into it at some stage?  This session provides some spectacular snapshots of the invisible.  You are assured that the preparation of this session is a challenge. 

Our May seminar introduced the tip-of-iceberg computing metaphor for us to understand what cloud computing really is about.  This session will explore the opportunities available to New Zealand as a country and to our peer group and channel members including end users specifically.  We will scour the landscape for what are coming onto us in a few years. We look at computing technology advancements being made across the world for high performance and parallel computing.  It opens us up to a world hidden from us otherwise.  Industry players discussed in this session include a name mistaken for gaming and several hidden big names.   We will take a high level view with some technical data for illustrations.  The concept will be easy for all to grasp although a computing technology background will help.

There are 4 major parallel computing standards including one that is proprietary in the world.  When an application program calls on one of these standards, the application program will be able to execute in parallel in hardware. This session will explain the standards that will dominate the world.  We will also talk about two deep sea efforts being carried out by Microsoft Research.  They are ground breaking and eye opening, and indicate the future trends of parallel computing. Our work is being backed up with hands-on experiments.

The last session is outside the square of what Compucon did but within the square of what Compucon will do.  Stefan has just completed his Masters of Engineering thesis, and will give us an overview of what problems he attempted to solve and how he solved the problems in his research.  Modelling and Verification are two key words of his research that are highly relevant to Compucon II.



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