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Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 (Ivy Bridge-EP)
30 September 2013

On the 10th of this month (September 2013) Intel released the Ivy Bridge-based server Xeon processors for the mainstream performance market. This release is a "Tick" in Intel's Tick-Tock release cycle, signaling predominantly a die shrink to increase performance (or lower power consumption) while using the same microarchitecture (Sandy Bridge-EP) previously released one and a half years ago.  The die shrink is from Sandy Bridge's 32nm fabrication process to 22nm and with this Intel have made improvements by increasing clock speeds, lowering TDP (power consumption), or increasing the number of processor cores (any combination of the aforementioned three).

The new processor models will be marketed as "Intel Xeon E5-26xx v2" where xx are 2 digits that indicate different models ranging from 4 to 12 physical cores (up to 24 logical cores with Hyper Threading); note the v2 at the end of the model name is important as it is the only differentiating factor compared to the older generation of CPUs. As it is based on the same architecture it uses the same LGA2011 socket that has been available for mainstream performance servers since March 2012, making these processors socket compatible with our current generation of motherboards and server platforms.

We expect to see (a) a 25% increase in multi-threaded performance (typical server or virtualisation loads), (b) about 5% higher single-threaded performance, and (c) sligthly lower power consumption for roughly the same price. A list showing differences between the various models has been compiled below for your quick reference.

Intel Xeon   
Turbo Boost   
L3 cache   
 E5-2603 v2
 1.8GHz  -  10MB  80W
 E5-2609 v2  4/4
 2.5GHz  -  10MB  80W
 E5-2637 v2  4/4  3.5GHz  3.8GHz  15MB  130W
 E5-2620 v2  6/12  2.1GHz  2.6GHz  15MB  80W
 E5-2630 v2  6/12  2.6GHz  3.1GHz  15MB  80W
 E5-2643 v2  6/12  3.5GHz
 3.8GHz  25MB  130W
 E5-2640 v2
 8/16  2.0GHz  2.5GHz  20MB  95W
 E5-2650 v2  8/16  2.6GHz  3.4GHz  20MB  95W
 E5-2667 v2  8/16  3.3GHz  4.0GHz  25MB  130W
 E5-2660 v2  10/20  2.2GHz  3.0GHz  25MB  95W
 E5-2670 v2  10/20  2.5GHz  3.3GHz  25MB  115W
 E5-2680 v2  10/20  2.8GHz  3.6GHz  25MB  115W
 E5-2690 v2  10/20  3.0GHz  3.6GHz  25MB  130W
 E5-2695 v2  12/24  2.4GHz  3.2GHz  30MB  115W
 E5-2697 v2  12/24  2.7GHz  3.5GHz
 30MB  130W

For our Supermicro motherboards a BIOS update (version 3.0 or newer) will be all that is necessary to make existing motherboards compatible with these latest processors. To read more about the existing motherboard please see the X9D Generation Platform article. For the previous generation of E5-2600 processors check out the Sandy Bridge-EP article for reference.



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