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High Availability Storage Cluster by Compucon with Nexenta
  31 October 2014

This newsletter introduces a storage solution designed with high availability by Compucon New Zealand. It is a solution based on x86 industry standards that provide highly available and scalable storage at a significantly lower total system cost than legacy or proprietary systems. A highly available system refers to a system designed to operate continuously for a longer period of time without human intervention (when things go wrong).

The Compucon High Availability Storage Cluster (HASC) is a unified SAN/NAS storage system that provides centralised, web-managed storage for medium to large organisations. It consists of two web-managed server appliances that access a centralised, single shared disk volume. Both servers work together with a single heartbeat to provide continous access to the storage, and they will continue to do so even when one of the servers fail. Effectively the primary benefit of the Compucon HASC is its ability to detect server system failures and adjust automatically to ensure service continuity during unexpected events, whether it is equipment failure or targeted power outages.


Basic Compucon HASC systems start out at 40TB and can easily scale to 300TB and beyond. The storage system is based on industry standard x86 server hardware and ZFS-based software by Nexenta meaning there is no vendor lock-in or anything proprietary about the solution. Compucon provides a fully integrated solution that is ready to go, with technical support provided by the local Compucon team and Nexenta. If your clients prefer they are welcome to use other freely available ZFS-based or Microsoft Windows-based software defined storage if they have a personal preference or specific familiarity with other software solutions.

If you wish to learn more about Nexenta or ZFS, please see our previous newsletter release: Storage Servers with Nexenta ZFS ( You are most welcome to contact us for any of your (or your clients') potential storage requirements.



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