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Seminar Invitation to Compucon CPD (7 May 2014)
  30 April 2014

We would like to invite partners with interest in any of the following topics to come and meet with our team and peers. For a background of our CPD seminars please see and let us know by reply email to register your attendance.


Compucon CPD Seminar
Wed 7 May 2014
Compucon House 234 Bush Road Albany Auckland

4:00pm Computing Industry Trend Analysis
4:40pm Parallel Computing Technology and Products
5:20pm Entry Point to HPC (Ashish Rajput)  
5:40pm Exploration Journey into Non-Wintel Territories
6:00pm Wine and Cheese


Is Cloud Computing a gift to IT practitioners and businesses in New Zealand in the short and long term respectively?  The answers are affirmative for consumers and small business operators, but are not clear for IT practitioners and serious business people.  This session will attempt to analyse industry trends for practitioners, professionals and serious businesses people.  We will employ 4 metaphors to explain the analyses: the iceberg of computing, frog in a flask, glass of water, and planting lucks.  Compucon has taken 22 years to learn about these 4 metaphors for business survival and growth, and we will attempt to convey our learning to peers in 22 minutes. We will attempt to prescribe a course of actions for peer involvements.

Parallel Computing Technology & Products

We would like to define high performance computing here as parallel computing and explain the current state of technology, software, and Compucon involvements.  Why is multicore CPU losing to general purpose GPU in claiming the crown of massively parallel computing?  The answer is complex and the success of Intel in CPU does not apply.  Hardware requires software to meet the end user.  Software is therefore a major piece of the HPC jigsaw.  It is not Windows 8 or Server 2012 ruling in this space.  The top two software application interfaces are CUDA and OpenCL.  Compucon has developed a reasonably large range of GPU systems over the last 3 years and we will briefly explain the special features and uses of each. 

Entry point

Applications of HPC systems fall into 2 broad categories: digital content creation and digital concept creation.  Content creation is for practical applications and concept creation is obviously more theoretical.  Underlying both is numerical simulation which is accepted as the third pillar of science after theory and observation in the 21st century (not exist or known previously).  We will explain how Compucon developed the core competence in this session and would like to introduce Ashish to the peer group herewith.  Ashish has completed 6 months of on-the-job training and will explain his direct works on N-Body and NAMD as the entry point to HPC.   


The 4th session is a report of our hands-on exploration efforts of the non-Wintel world.  The hardware consists of ARM A9 2-core CPU and Epiphany 16-core co-processors.  The operating software is Linux Ubuntu Linaro.   The sample applications are Hello World and Matrix Multiplication.   Dave is our principal explorer.  He has experienced several moments of enlightenment so far in this exploration- when the hardware booted up for the first time, when an application successfully ran, and when he successfully installed an Eclipse based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in a PC connected to the non-Wintel world.  This IDE is important because it is a base camp for deeper explorations.



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