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Intel Xeon V3 for X10S Platform (Haswell)
28 June 2013

Intel has officially released new Haswell processors for uni-processor server platforms earlier this month. They belong to the Xeon E3 family of server processors with a newly released socket (LGA1150) and will be identifiable in the model numbering by a V3 suffix i.e. Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 as opposed to E3-1230V2 (previous generation Ivy Bridge). We expect these V3 processors to be approximately 10% faster than their V2 counterparts at similar price points.

Other than incremental performance and lower power usage improvements the new Xeons are not much different. Most of the differences will be offered in the new companion/supporting chipsets (C224/6) where it will be the first ever server chipset to offer USB 3.0 connectivity along with more SATA 6Gbps ports.

Processor Model
Cores / Threads Clock Frequency Turbo Boost
L3 Cache
E3-1220V3 4C / 4T
3.10GHz 3.50GHz 8MB 80W
E3-1230V3 4C / 8T
3.30GHz 3.70GHz
8MB 80W
E3-1240V3 4C / 8T
3.40GHz 3.80GHz
8MB 80W
E3-1270V3 4C / 8T
3.50GHz 3.90GHz
8MB 80W
E3-1280V3 4C / 8T
8MB 82W

The new X10S platform will be available in all form factors immediately, from 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U to 5U rackmount and Full Tower servers.




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