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Heterogeneous Parallel Computing with Compucon HPC Solutions
  28 February 2013

Heterogeneous Parallel Computing

All computing tasks demand high performance as time is precious. High performance computing is applicable to both parallel and serial computing, although it refers more to parallel processing of a single task than serial processing of a multitude of applications.

The Supercomputer Tianhe-1A in the National Supercomputing Centre in China rose to #1 position of the Top 500 supercomputer list in November 2010 with the help of Tesla general purpose GPU (graphics processing unit) cards supplied by Nvidia. Similarly Titan Supercomputer of Oak Ridge Laboratory in USA rose to #1 position in November 2012 with the help of Tesla Kepler GPU. On both occasions, the supercomputer used a smaller count of CPU (central processor units) than other lower ranking supercomputers. This observation pointed to the steep rise of heterogeneous computing with GPU as co- processors and the steep rise of Tesla GPU which has a different architecture to x86 CPU.

Implementation of heterogeneous parallel computing is extremely simple in concept. Application programmers identify which parts of the source code are looped and allocate them to the GPU for computation leaving the rest of the source code that is sequential for CPU processing. Heterogeneous parallel computing has redefined the roles of the CPU to be a serial computation processor and established the roles of the General Purpose GPU for parallel computation.

HPC Solutions

Whether you wish to leverage the GPGPU using CUDA by NVIDIA or the Xeon Phi (by Intel's Many Integrated Core architecture) using programming tools such as OpenMP, OpenCL or Intel Cilk Plus we are able to supply complete hardware solutions for either of these programming models.

The Compucon HPC SX 1U Server 2075 leverages Supermicro technology by offering a solid Single Socket Xeon platform suitable for up to 2 GPU or MIC (Xeon Phi) cards in a 1U rackmount chassis. Should more cards be required the Compucon Platinum HPC 4U Server supports up to 4 GPU / MIC cards with a Dual Socket Xeon platform in 4U.

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Feel free to contact our team for further information or for assistance with your projects or infrastructure planning. For an independent overview of CUDA and Nvidia hardware technology, please see this paper:


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