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4U Storage Server
31 January 2013

The 4U Storage Server is a cost effective solution to any storage requirement. It is designed to accomodate 24 hard disk drives (3.5" form factor) at the front with hot-swap replacement capability while having effective cooling through the chassis and redundant power supply at the rear. It is 19-inch rack mountable and is 4U in height.


4U Storage Server

As a server it can support 24 SAS or SATA desktop or enterprise drives (up to 4TB per drive at the time of writing), and also another 2 HDDs (3.5" or 2.5") fixed internally within the chassis for a pair of boot drives; useful for installing an Operating System separate and in addition to the main storage drives.

The 24 drives at the front can be configured for any number and any mixture of RAID array type(s) or JBOD disks e.g. 24 x 4TB drives in RAID 6 with a hot-spare will produce 84TB of storage capacity with the protection of handling up to 2 disk failures and the automatic rebuild onto a new drive as soon as a drive failure is detected.

SSD performance can be achieved with installation of SSD as main disks or as read or write caching. The high performance RAID controllers can also be future proofed for adding additional 4U JBOD expansion units should more storage capacity be required in the future as an option.

The servers are integrated with out-of-band hardware that allows remote KVM-over-IP (Internet) management and support a variety of popular Operating Systems of your choice.

4U JBOD Expansion Unit

As a 4U JBOD expansion unit it will allow expansion of any existing server by 24 drives per 4U chassis. Using SAS expansion technology these expansion units can also be daisy chained to one another for up to 256 SAS/SATA drives.


Feel free to contact our team for further information or for assistance with your projects or infrastructure planning.


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