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Supermicro® FatTwin™ Takes Center Stage at International Supercomputing Conference 2012 Print
Supermicro® FatTwin™ Takes Center Stage at International Supercomputing Conference 2012
New 4U, 8/4 Node FatTwin™ Joins Supermicro® SuperBlade® GPU Platforms, SuperWorkstation, 4-Way and Twin Architecture Solutions Highlighting Supermicro® Supercomputing Solutions for HPC

Hamburg, Germany, June 18, 2012 - Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and green computing, will debut its newest innovative architecture, FatTwin™at ISC, giving the public its first hands-on look at the future of power-efficient supercomputing. The FatTwin is a new 4U high-performance, high-capacity platform that offers versatile configurations for HPC with multi-node models that support dual 135W Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors, up to 8 hot-swap 3.5” HDDs in 1U and up to 8 GPUs in 2U. This new architecture is also designed to operate in high ambient temperatures providing greater performance while reducing cooling infrastructure costs.

“Many factors affect the successful implementation of scalable supercomputing solutions, and obtaining maximum performance within budget and power constraints is the most challenging task,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “At Supermicro, we emphasize not only the highest-performance in our HPC solutions, but also the overall energy efficiency and optimal power-usage effectiveness (PUE) of our complete systems. Supermicro’s new architectures such as FatTwin integrate the latest CPU, GPU and storage technologies with advanced high-efficiency digital switching power supplies and free-air cooling designs for maximum performance and increased operational temperature ranges up to 47°C that eliminate costly air conditioning. Our expertise in server design and thermal management reduces our customer’s TCO and offsets operating expenses providing more budget for mission critical compute performance.”

Supermicro’s new FatTwin™ expands on their widely adopted 1U and 2U Twin SuperServer lines and adds a new series of 4U systems that offers the industry’s best capacity and efficiency in a standard 19” rack ready solution. The FatTwin is now shipping in high-compute density 4U 8 and 4 node configurations supporting dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors, up to 512GB of 1600MHz memory and up to 12 hot-swap 2.5” SAS/SATA HDDs per U in the 8 node or up to 8 hot-swap 3.5” SAS/SATA HDDs per U in the 4 node configuration. These systems also offer PCI-E 3.0 expandability and optional 56Gbps ConnectX-3 FDR InfiniBand or 10GbE connectivity. The real highlights of these systems reach beyond their high-performance and capacity with an earth friendly focus on energy efficiency and resulting cost savings. The FatTwin is designed to operate in extreme ambient temperature range (0°C to 47°C), free-air cooled environments, effectively eliminating the need for costly air-conditioning. The Twin architecture based multi-node solutions feature shared power and cooling resources reducing costly components and cabling, resulting in optimized air-flow and maximizing energy utilization. Combined with Supermicro’s redundant Platinum Level high-efficiency (95%+) digital switching power supplies, the FatTwin delivers maximum compute density and energy efficiency for today’s most demanding supercomputing needs. FatTwin is a versatile platform and additional models will be released in early Q3 2012 offering solutions optimized for GPU supercomputing and Big Data/Hadoop analytics.

Exhibits at the show include Supermicro’s wide range of X9 Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 based platforms optimized for HPC.SuperBlade® offers various blade configurations with a 56Gb FDR InfiniBand switch for high-speed interconnectivity. The GPU Blade SBI-7127RG provides the highest compute density with 20 GPUs and 20 CPUs in 7U and the double-density TwinBlade® SBI-7227R-T2 provides 20 DP (dual-processor) server nodes with 40 CPUs in 7U. The SYS-1027GR-TQFT offers an extreme 4 GPUs in 1U and the 2U 6 GPU SYS-2027GR-TRF is ideal for scalable cluster computing. The SYS-7047GR-TRFSuperWorkstation accommodates up to 5 GPUs and recently received NVIDIA® Maximus™ certification making this system a powerhouse for engineering, design and simulation applications. Supermicro’s advanced 4-Way MP (multi-processor) systems targeting mission-critical, data-intensive applications will be represented with the SYS-8047R-7RFT+.

In addition Supermicro will display its A+ line of AMD Opteron™ 6000 servers including the 4U rack mountable quad-processor AS-4042G-TRF and the 2U Twin²® AS-2022TG-H6IBQRF offering four hot-pluggable dual-processor 16/12/8-Core nodes in a 2U form factor. Supermicro A+ Blade solutions include the 4-Way SuperBlade SBA-7142G-T4 with ten hot-pluggable quad-processor 16/12/8-Core nodes in a 7U blade enclosure and the double-density TwinBlade SBA-7222G-T2with 20 DP 16/12/8-Core nodes in a 7U blade enclosure. Supermicro offers complete computing solutions with its 10G/1G Ethernet switches including two new models that also support free-air cooling operation in ambient temperatures of up to 47°C.

Visit Supermicro at ISC'12 in Hamburg, Germany at the Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), booth #520 or browse Supermicro's total line of high performance, high-efficiency server and storage solutions at



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