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Supermicro® New Generation Xeon E5-based Computing Solutions Achieve Breakthrough 95%+ Efficiency with Digital Switching Power Supply Technology
Advanced Power Modules Deliver Highest Levels of Efficiency and Power Factor Correction Gains Across a Wide Load Range

San Jose, CA, March 15, 2012 - Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and green computing, extends its innovative leadership in high-efficiency power supply technology by unveiling a series of new Digital switching power supplies that provide additional 5-10% efficiency gains at light loads and the highest levels of efficiency across a wider load range in comparison to today's mainstream analog switching power supplies. Supermicro's new Platinum-Level (95%+) high-efficiency power supplies utilize high-speed digital power controllers with adaptive switching in place of conventional analog circuitry to generate PWM control signals. In analog power supplies, efficiency is optimized for a single load value based on a system's typical operation. As the load shifts away from the peak, efficiency drops. With this new digital control, compensation and output parameters can be dynamically configured to match different load conditions resulting in increased efficiency across a wider range of operation. Supermicro's Digital switching power supplies also provide faster transient response to input AC line voltage fluctuations resulting in a <5% Input Current THD for an increased stability margin.

"At Supermicro we focus on increasing efficiency alongside performance in all areas of our product lines," said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. "Our transition to Digital switching technology ahead of the industry provides our customers the highest efficiency (95%+) and 5-10% power factor correction gains across the widest possible load range. As a result, our customers will benefit from immediate energy savings as well as reliability and cost-effective access to the latest, most sophisticated power supply technologies on the market."

Supermicro's PWS-1K43F-1R, PWS-1K28P-SQ, PWS-605P-1H and PWS-341P-1H are the first in a series of new Digital switching power supplies, delivering output from 340 to 1400 Watts. These supplies feature Platinum Level (95%+) efficiency, Remote Monitoring with PMbus 1.2, node management support, SMBAlert and are Energy Star Server 2.0 ready. These Digital switching power supplies are optimized for select Supermicro 1U to 4U SuperServers and are ideal for Data Center, Enterprise, Cloud Computing, HPC and many other resource intensive computing applications. For more information about Supermicro's complete line of high-efficiency power supplies, go to



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