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Supermicro Mission Critical Server Solutions
Supermicro New Zealand
Intel Xeon E5-2600 (Sandy Bridge-EP)
30 March 2012

As expected for Q1 2012, Intel has announced the release of the next generation Dual Socket server processors this month. Based on the Sandy Bridge-EP 32nm microarchitecture they will be marketed as Intel Xeon E5-26xx processors with models ranging from 2-8 physical cores (4-16 logical cores with Hyper Threading). It is based on the same architecture and uses the same LGA2011 socket that has been available for high-end desktop systems since November (2nd Gen. Core i7).

The Xeon E5-2600 series processors will soon replace the previous generation Xeon 5600-series introduced nearly 2 years ago. The main technological advances are additional cores per processor (from 6 to 8), quad channel memory and PCI-Express 3.0 interfaces. We will soon have Dual Socket server platforms with up to 32 logical CPU cores and 512GB of main memory.

A list showing differences between the various models has been compiled below for your quick reference.

Intel Xeon   
Turbo Boost   
L3 cache   
 E5-2603  4/4
 1.8GHz  -  10MB  80W
 E5-2609  4/4
 2.4GHz  -  10MB  80W
 E5-2620  6/12  2.0GHz  2.5GHz  15MB  95W
 E5-2630  6/12  2.3GHz  2.8GHz  15MB  95W
 E5-2630L  6/12  2.0GHz
 2.5GHz  15MB  60W
 E5-2637  2/4  3.0GHz  3.5GHz  5MB  95W
 E5-2640  6/12  2.5GHz  3.0GHz  15MB  95W
 E5-2643  4/8  3.3GHz  3.5GHz  10MB 130W
 E5-2650  8/16  2.0GHz  2.8GHz  20MB  95W
 E5-2650L  8/16  1.8GHz  2.3GHz  20MB  70W
 E5-2660  8/16  2.2GHz  3.0GHz  20MB  95W
 E5-2665  8/16  2.4GHz  3.1GHz  20MB  115W
 E5-2667  6/12  2.9GHz  3.5GHz  15MB  130W
 E5-2670  8/16  2.6GHz  3.3GHz  20MB  115W
 E5-2680  8/16  2.7GHz  3.5GHz  20MB  130W
 E5-2690  8/16  2.9GHz  3.8GHz  20MB  135W

Initial reports suggest that we can expect to see a 20% performance increase for light-threaded applications at a 5% premium in cost. Stock availability is scarce at the time of writing. We will introduce the Supermicro X9 platforms in early April and will continue to supply X8 platforms if needed.



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