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Supermicro New Zealand Channel Newsletter
Solutions for FFP
30 July 2010

We notice a trend towards products that are small and consumes little power or servers that are more affordable than ever, so we have compiled various solutions here to serve as ideas to consider for your next project:

Onyx PC - This is a miniature sized PC designed to be small for installation into limited space or for portability, yet large enough to be flexible in supporting different HDD and ODD options. Its dimensions are 250mm W x 265mm D x 95mm H and can be mounted on a wall or underneath a desk using an optional bracket.

There are two versions - Commercial and Multimedia. Commercial is a low-power version with a Dual-Core Atom processor and allows for flexible HDD options. The Multimedia version provides higher performance with Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs and up to 4GB memory. Prices start at $550 + GST for a basic, complete system. Please contact us for further info or customisation. Web info:

Diamond Plus - If your customer prefers small but doesn't need miniature small like the Onyx PC above, a small sized desktop PC with all the standard flexibility a PC offers is available, the Diamond may be a good choice. This PC is Micro-ATX sized at 136mm W x 380mm D x 330mm H. It can accomodate processors such as the Core i3 and Core i5 processors with or without integrated GPU (graphics), up to 8GB memory, full-height Add-On cards including PCI-Express x16 for powerful graphics and is on the whole, a relatively powerful PC in a small-medium sized form factor.

Small 1U - for single purpose servers or appliances. This can be mounted in a rack taking up 1U of space, or it can simply sit on a desk or shelf as a small, flat system. This offers integrated Dual GbE network ports, a Dual Core Celeron processor (that's faster than Intel Atoms) and 1 x 3.5" HDD; simple, small and affordable as a single purpose system.

Workgroup Server (WGS) - This is an entry to mid level server platform for all other purposes on a budget. It can be housed in a Mid Tower chassis or a 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U or 5U/Full Tower chassis and provide a single Quad-Core Xeon processor with up to 32GB of memory. It is designed to be an excellent entry-level server for a small business, or a platform for storage (NAS / iSCSI) with up to 24 HDD bays in a 4U chassis.

Feel free to contact the editor for further information as desired.
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