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Storage Chassis Introduction
   31 March 2010

Supermicro recently launched the world's first 4U Double-Sided Storage chassis which enables extra high-density storage. The SC847 series server chassis features 36 hot-swap 3.5" HDD trays with 24 in the front and 12 in the rear. For disk-only configurations (see JBOD picture below), the chassis can support 21 HDDs in the rear to support a total of 45 hot-swap 3.5" HDDs in total.


The double-sided arrangement provides direct hot-swap access to all of the storage drives without the need to open the chassis. There is also 100% cooling fan redundancy and an 80 PLUS Gold level Certified 1+1 Redundant power supply (1400W, 94%+ efficiency) to complete the solution.

Other standard models include a 3U and 4U offering 16 and 24 hot-swap 3.5" HDD trays at the front respectively. These also offer 100% redundant cooling and power supplies and can be integrated into server solutions offering up to 32TB or 48TB of SATA storage capacity or into stand-alone independent iSCSI SAN storage solutions that can be added onto an existing network.


The table below summarises the various options available for integration into solutions for your customers.

  Form Factor Server type Front HDD Bays Rear HDD Bays
SC825 2U UP or DP 8 0
SC836 3U UP, DP or JBOD 16 0
SC846 4U UP, DP or JBOD 24 0
SC847 Server 4U UP or DP 24 12
SC847 JBOD 4U JBOD 24 21

UP = Uni Processor, DP = Dual Processor, JBOD = Disk only  


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