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TwinBlade Introduction
   26 February 2010

The Supermicro TwinBlade is the most recent addition to the SuperBlade family and represents a breakthrough in blade system design by doubling the number of dual-processor (DP) compute nodes per 7U enclosure from 10 to 20. The TwinBlade offers the highest computing density and thus the highest general computing performance in the world. It supports a total of 40 processor sockets per 7U enclosure and 1920 logical processor cores per 42U rack using the current Intel Xeon 5500-series processor. With the release of the next-generation Intel Xeon 5600-series processors (expected March 2010) the figure increases to 2880 logical processor cores per 42U rack.  The 32nm die shrink of the Xeon chip, codenamed Westmere, will offer 6 physical and 12 logical cores.

With N+1 redundant, high efficiency (94%) 2500W power supplies, the TwinBlade is also the greenest, most energy-efficient blade server in the industry. Up to two 4x QDR InfiniBand switches, 10GbE switches or pass-through modules give the TwinBlade the bandwidth to support the most demanding applications. Onboard IPMI 2.0 with KVM over IP and remote Virtual Media over LAN enables ease of management and control.

Two nodes per TwinBlade Processor Blade. Each node currently supports:

  • 2 x Intel Xeon processor 5500 series 95W TDP
  • 128GB DDR3 ECC Registered DIMMs or 32GB Unbuffered DIMMs
  • Intel 82576 Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet LAN
  • 2x 2.5" hot-plug drive bays for SATA and SSD
  • Integrated Matrox G200eW VGA, IPMI 2.0 with KVM and virtual media, Optional QDR InfiniBand
The other Supermicro blades include a DatacentreBlade supporting 14 blades and an OfficeBlade supporting 10 blades. Apart from blade density they have very similar features and are both housed in a 7U chassis. The OfficeBlade has a Quiet version offering a lower noise level and can be fitted with a small cabinet for locating in an office environment.

  OfficeBlade  DataCentreBlade  TwinBlade 
Nodes per 7U  10  14  20 
Node types Intel DP, AMD DP/QP  Intel DP Intel DP 
Enclosure SBE-710Q  SBE-714E SBE-720E
Blade options SBI-7125/6
(+ 10-Blade options)
Module options  2 x CMM
2 x GEM
2 x IB QDR
2 x CMM
2 x GEM
1 x IB DDR
1 x CMM
2 x GEM
2 x IB QDR

CMM = Chassis Management Module, GEM = Gigabit Ethernet Module, IB = Infiniband



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