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Why deal with Supermicro New Zealand
We are a system integrator and not a trader.  This means we have knowledge and skills for integrating computer systems using Supermicro technologies to achieve high compatibility, reliability and performance.  We have accrued 19 years of industrial knowledge for supporting customers faultlessly in New Zealand.

As a system integrator, we are acutely aware of the importance of computer systems to business operation and productivity and we provide fast and reliable advice and service during the system warranty period. We are upfront with customers on which spare parts are carried in stock in Auckland for warranty and which are non stock items.  Hardware has a finite operating life, and computers will fail at certain point in time.  Our team has accrued 19 years of hardware failure statistics and have implemented measures to reduce and recover from failures over time.  This is not something a trading company can do.

As a system integrator, we know that customer data has a much higher value than hardware.  We have plenty of knowledge and skills to enhance the protection of data against hardware faults and to speedily recover data in the event of hardware failure.  RAID is not a new technique but it has its fair share of technology advancements over time.

Our team has the knowledge and skills for producing large volume DAS, NAS and SAN from standard Supermicro hardware.  This allows our customers to acquire such systems without paying premium brand tax to other supply sources.

In case customer systems run Microsoft Windows as the operating system, those systems will enjoy the benefits of a fine-tuned pre-installation system developed by Compucon.  The benefits will exhibit in terms of compatibility, stability and performance.

We are positioned to support customers with fully built and tested systems, and we are happy to supply Supermicro bare bones if customers have enough confident to make bare bones work.

Last and not the least, Supermicro New Zealand team members are highly educated and they are friendly and helpful to customers in all instances.

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